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Phuket is a popular as Travel destination.  And among all visitors there are some who choose this tropical Paradise as a place of their wedding ceremony.

Previously we discussed that Phuket is also a shopping destination and popular for its jewelry and gem stones. Here you can find almost everything rubies, diamonds, sapphires and beautiful pearls.  If you choose Phuket as a place of your marriage then to engagement rings here doesn’t seems a bad idea. But what do you choose with this abundance of choice? We hope you will get some ideas after reading this short info.

For years, the diamond has had a monopoly on the engagement ring market.  Recently, consider other options. When Prince William and Kate Middleton decided to forego the standard engagement ring for a more sentimental choice – a gorgeous sapphire belonging to his mother, the late Princess Diana – they cemented the validity of the non-diamond gemstone trend. (Although the ring contains diamonds, the beautiful blue sapphire sits center stage).

Choosing to forego diamonds in your engagement ring can demonstrate more than a decision not to support so-called “blood diamonds.” It reflects individuality and allows you to choose something better suited to the wearer’s personal style. One of the many gemstones that you should consider in your search is our friend, the lovely pearl.

In addition to being beautiful, pearls create classic rings that flatter every hand. Pearls come in a variety of colors and sizes, making them a versatile choice that can be paired with a number of precious metals and even other stones. Buying a pearl engagement ring allows you to consider everything from vintage options to designing your own creation, meaning that the possibilities are endless.

But alas, pearls are gifts from nature and are, therefore, imperfect. Most notably, pearls are soft. This is especially true when compared with the diamond. That means that extra care must be taken to ensure that they are not damaged by daily wear.  In addition, pearls are very sensitive to a number of substances, from cosmetics to fruit juice to dish soap, meaning that a pearl ring must be removed before many daily activities.

Choosing a pearl engagement ring is a beautiful choice, but please be mindful that your ring will require more attention than a diamond would in order to keep it safe and looking beautiful.

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