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Rafting in Phuket, Thailand

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Rafting in Phuket

Phuket is a southern state of Thailand. It is basically a big island that is located at the west seashore of Andaman Sea in Thailand. It has a tremendous history of being the richest small province. This island was used by china and India for trading purpose in past and now it makes huge gross by tourism. A big amount of people from all over the world visit the beautiful places of Phuket. The best thing about rafting in Phuket is that you have multiple places to visit and do many things without bothering about the weather. Whether the sky is full of clouds or it’s a bright sunny day you have, enormous activities and beautiful locations will made your day.

White water Rafting in Phuket with Phuket Elephant Traisl.

Rafting in Phuket is offered at Phang NGA bay located at north east of Phuket. A bay with emerald-green water, surrounded by limestone cliffs gives you a very pleasant and provoking thought. You can see many sheltered fauna in this island. This bay is also not far to James Bond Island and KohPanyee. Tourists visit this bay by hiring a boat to see the unforgettable and ravishing sceneries of Phuket. Water rafting is the most thrilling and tickling experience you will have on this journey.

A rubber raft is used for rafting which can be ridden by 6 people at a time. A short training of each person is done before going for water rafting and instructions are clearly told. Level 2-3 ride then starts with a tour guide who leads all the tourists toward the river from a dark rain forest. It’s almost a 5km traveling. Elephant riding while going through the jungle rain forest is another fantabulous experience of this ride. Delicious lunch is provided in the middle of the day. Many packages have been offered from multiple travelling agencies for the trip of Phang NGA and rafting.

ATVs are also used for rafting in Phang bay. A mighty quad bike is used for it which allows two persons to ride on; one passenger and one rider. After brief description of activity and providing basic instructions and training, the trip begins with dirt road in the forest. A 5km rafting is done with divers to reduce the danger of any mishap. It will be the most remarkable trip of your life; watching faunas over the cliffs, in waterfall and moving over green water gives a very fun making flavor. People enjoy ride, make photos and move back to their hotels in the evening.

Touring the bay including the waterfall area will probably be the best trip of your life. People like water rafting as it feels very different and adventurous to trek elephant throughout the jungle as if you have come inthe age of stones and you really enjoy the surrounding of jungle with small animals and birds inthe jungle making it more joyful. The tour doesn’t involve a huge money spending but whatever you will spend will be worth of it. It will be a memorable trip of your life!

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