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Phuket Pearl Jewelry 

  In the last years, Thailand became famous as trending travel destination. For many of us for its well known for its beaches, crystal water, tropical climate and as a country of mysterious Buddhists teachings. But just a few of us recognize Thailand as world leading jewelry producer.

Жемчуг  ПхукетА

You can find everything here gemstones, pearls, gold and silver jewelry. And if gemstones and precious metals are no surprises for us, you can find it in other neighboring countries especially in Burma.  Let’s talk about pearls.

Warm waters of Andaman sea allow to grow South Sea Pearls. South Sea Pearls are among the largest commercially harvested cultured pearls in the world. One of the main pearl manufacturer in Thailand located on Phuket Island, southern Thailand – “Phuket Pearl Factory Co.Ltd.”

But not the great location for pearl farming make us want to talk about this Thai pearl manufacturer. “Phuket Pearl Factory” famous not only as a pearl farm but also as a Jewelry maker. In recent years, this small Thai company established their worldwide famous Pearl Jewelry Brand – “Amorn”.

The company had its the first International recognition  when “Phuket Pearl Factory” has been chosen to create a crown for Miss World Singapore 2012. And later the company had been contacted about doing so next year again.

Following years Jewelry designers of  “Phuket Pearl Factory Co.Ltd” continued this new tradition and  created crowns for Miss World Switzerland in 2013 and for Miss World Thailand 2015. All of mentioned crowns were encrusted with Pearls and gems stones with estimated value of more than 1 mln Thai Baht each.

Initially, the crown of Miss world Thailand 2014 was made with the concept of a Queen of the 7 Seas From the idea of Andaman Sea. But then, this idea is developed and translated into the final idea of the seven seas in the world. “The Seven Seas” idea is represented in the form of 7 tips of the crown for Miss Thailand World 2014. Moreover, the scene of sea wave is represented in the form of shining blue gemstones and diamonds.

Another crucial part that could not miss out is the gem that comes from under the sea, which is the pearl. Blue Ocean pearl is new invented of the Mabe pearl with a special color tone of dark blue with the gentle luster of light blue, which give it uniqueness. These Blue Ocean pearls were delicately grading and decorated on this crown to make it standing out as well as its color represent the eternal beauty of the Seven Seas.

Actually there are many pearl producers in South East Asia because South Sea Pearls can be grown from Australia up to Southern China. But what makes “Phuket Pearl Factory” really outstanding is a rare combination of whole chain:  pearl producer, jewelry designer and pearl and jewelry dealer.

A century ago pearl farming just appeared in the world. Pearls were precious and rare at those time. With growing popularity of pearl farming pearls aren’t that rare anymore now. You can find it in many countries around the globe. But can you find a pearl’s Jewelry designer worth of a princess?

Keep it in mind while you are on your next vacation in Thailand. For all visitors of Phuket island “Phuket Pearl Factory” offers to visit their shop where you can see exact copies of those beautiful crowns and maybe  find something for yourself.

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