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Pearls are the only gemstones found in living creatures. They have been associated with elegance and sophistication from the old times.  Phuket- pearls is a great place to get some good pearls. Phuket, in general, has got a lot of fame with regard to its gemstones and pearls collection. It has always been in spotlight for this and a famous destination to buy such stuff. Pearls look great and their jewellery just embellishes the whole personality of the one wearing it. That being said, it is still important that you know about different types of pearls available in the market, so, you know that you get the right one for you. It is important for Phuket pearls to guide its followers and customers to getting the right one for them. Well, honestly speaking, there is no ‘perfect’ pearl. It is just a matter of choice and one’s own contention with one. So, here we are just going to present some of the pearls you can get at Phuket pearls. It is just a comparison and basic introduction to some of them, get to know which would be best for you.
South Sea Pearl Phuket
South sea pearls:
South sea pearls are just one of the most rare forms of pearls. The reason being, that they are normally big in size and it is difficult to care them all through this period. Growing them bigger normally takes much more time and things can easily go wrong during this period. For instance, an oyster can die and pear is diminished the moment it happens. Their rarity and difficulty to grow, both account for their higher prices. South sea pearls are one of the most expensive pearls. They are normally found in Indonesia, Myanmar and Australia. They normally come in white, silver and gold colours.
Fresh water pearls Phuket
Freshwater pearls:
Fresh water pearls are a kind of cultured pearls. They basically come from fresh water mussels and were first found in Japan. They come in a wide range of colours and shapes. Moreover, they are less expensive than most of the pearls found. This makes them a popular choice for younger people and jewellery designers. Moreover, the fact that they don’t easily wore off and are considerably durable makes them a decent choice
Akoya Pearls Phuket
Akoya Pearls:
Akoya pearls is one of the classics in pearls. It was first cultured in 1900s. Akoya comes in various different colours and designs. They are roundest of all the pearl varieties available in the market. Moreover, their sharp lustres and pink overtones are what make it intriguing for customers.

Mabe Pearl Phuket
Mabe pearls:
Mabe pearls are somewhat different from their counterparts. The reason being the way they are normally produced. Mabe pearls grow against the shells while other pearls grow inside the bodies of mollusc creatures. They are also a type of cultured pearls. Semi spherical in shape, these pearls require a lot of time to be cultured. The time normally ranges from 2-6 years. The end product is well harvested and its shape makes it worthy to wait for many.

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