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Jewelry Shops in Phuket
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Jewelry Shops in Phuket

  Phuket abounds in shops and free transportation offers to those shops. This is the owners’ strategy to attract customers. And it definitely works!

You shouldn’t be surprised if you hear or read about free transportation to some shops. Almost every shop here offers free round transportation from your hotel and back – from leather shops, gems and jewelry shops to crocodile and snake farms. Free shop transportation is like a tradition of modern tourism industry on the island. Almost every big shop has this offer because it simply has to have it.

Free rides to Phuket jewelry shops

There are an impressive number of shops in the city, but some of the most famous ones are without any doubt the Phuket jewelry shops. And there’s free transportation for these too.

The catch? If you get to any of the Phuket jewelry shops, you will probably buy something. Because these shops have a wide collection of jewelry and the prices are quite attractive. And even if you don’t want to buy anything, at least take advantage of the free transportation offer. Perhaps it is raining outside and lying on the beach is not a good idea now. Visit a shop is still better than stay in a hotel room.

No wonder why many tourists use free transportation services on Phuket to arrange  shopping tours for themselves.

Thailand is a leading producer of sapphires and the world’s largest cutter of colored stones.

Thai artisans can also craft jewelry to suit international tastes, with prices set according to the amount of workmanship and detail of the individual item. Gold jewelry and ornaments are a bargain in Thailand, with prices fixed according to “baht” weight of the item and the level of craftsmanship. Phuket is also a renowned pearl jewelry center.

Excellent bargains in gold chains, earrings, bracelets, pendants, and other delicate handcrafted items can be found in most tourist areas of Phuket, and most major hotels house jewelry stores that offer exquisite pieces for less than you might imagine, with guarantees of authenticity. Along Ranong Rd in Phuket Town are a number of traditional Chinese-Thai gold shops, distinctive for their completely red and gold interiors.

Phuket jewelry shops

Phuket jewelry shops abound in silver jewelry. Thai silver jewelry is often modeled after the traditional designs of the hill tribes of Northern Thailand, with bracelets particularly stunning examples of hill tribe silverwork. Modern styles of bracelets, as well as pendants, necklaces, beads and rings can also be found. Most silver sold is labeled ‘925’, which means that it is made of 92.5% pure silver. Silver bowls, boxes, cigarette cases and vases are widely available.

If southeastern Thailand is famous for its gems mining, Phuket is famous for being a pearl jewelry center. Phuket Pearl Farm is one of the most famous pearl farms in the south Thailand and the only company that has pearl farms in Phuket, along with a Pearl Factory where pearls become jewelry. It also owns one of the most visited Phuket jewelry shops.

A free ride to this Pearl Shop (which is the oldest in the city) will give you a chance not only to buy spectacular jewelry or even design your own, but also to book a tour to the only pearl farm in Phuket.

Tours leave daily to Maprao Island and include a pearl demonstration and a visit of the pearl factory, where you can learn more about pearl farming. The pearl farm is located in tranquil spot with the only noise being the gentle lapping up of the waves on the shore, away from touristic area. Read more and book your Phuket Pearl Farm tour here.

The Gems Gallery and Wang Talang are large stores dedicated almost exclusively to jewelry. If you want to find a variety of jewelry in one place, these are the stores to visit. The range, especially at Gems Gallery, is huge, with modern European and Asian style piece of jewelry awaiting for customers, all being accompanied by official certificates. The stores are located on the bypass road, on the edge of Phuket Town, near Tesco-Lotus.

All three shops – Phuket Pearl Shop, Gems Gallery and Wang Talang – offer free round shuttle transportation. Check their websites and book your transfer.

Tips for buying veritable jewelry

Here are some tips that will surely help you choose veritable jewelry and genuine gems:

  1. Don’t buy gems and jewelry for reselling them unless you’re an expert in gems and jewelry. We have knowledge of elaborate scams set up to fool people into paying a high price for gems that are low quality at best or even worthless fakes. It’s best if you buy jewelry only for your own use or for loved ones.
  2. Be wary of any encounter that ends up requiring your presence in a gem shop. Most probably it is a scam.
  3. Make price comparisons in various shops before deciding to buy. Never buy jewelry in a hurry.
  4. Never mail sapphires or other precious stones. Carry valuable items with you.
  5. Do not believe in special (jewelry) sales of any kind. Reputable dealers hardly ever offer sales and never send touts to lure tourists to their stores.

Keep in mind! There are no promotions, shows or special sales on jewelry authorized by the government or any official agencies at any time of the year. The government does not own, operate, subsidize, or authorize any jewelry stores.

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